Swedish Massage

What is a Swedish Massage?

Swedish Massage, also known as Classic Massage, is a holistic body massage first developed to help Scandinavian Skiers recover after skiing.  It has since developed into a relaxing full body massage modality, using oils (which can be scented) to ease generally tight muscles and reduce the physical strains brought on by stress and anxiety.

A Swedish Massage can be performed with light pressure or deeper pressure to suit your own personal likes.  It is not a massage to have if you need dysfunctional joints or help with injury rehabilitation.  If you need that, please look at my Sports Massage Page. Sports Massage

What should I expect from a Swedish Massage?

A Swedish Massage session will usually last around 1 hour. The session can be extended if desired. It is a relaxing massage of the muscles, using either oils or lotion as desired, which can be generally applied across the whole body, or focussed on more specific areas.

What should I wear for a Swedish Massage?

A Swedish Massage uses oils, which can sometimes stain material, so the ideal way to have the massage is to be undressed (there will be towels available to cover you as necessary).  However, if you wish to keep your underwear on, you are welcome to do so, and the therapist will work around this.  The general rule for the best massage experience possible is; wear as little as possible, but enough to feel comfortable.

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