Personal Training

What is a Personal Training session?

Personal Training is a personalised and monitored fitness program, individually tailored to your own personal goals and current fitness levels, taking into account, your lifestyle and time constraints.

What should I expect from Personal Training?

The first thing to expect is a free consultation session with the Personal Trainer, to discuss your goals in detail, assess your starting point, identify any potential hurdles and finally decide if Docherty Wellbeing is the place for you.

After that, you can then sign on for either 1 or 2 face-to-face training sessions a week with the Personal Trainer at the Docherty Wellbeing private fitness suite, along with a personalised program to follow in your own time, guidance on nutrition and lifestyle activities to help you reach your goals and the option to switch your PT session for an injury rehabilitation session if you find yourself unable to train through injury.

What should I wear for a Personal Training session?

Each session (including the consultation) will involve physical activity of some sort, so you should wear clothing and footwear suitable for being active. You will usually get sweaty, so wear something you are happy to wash each time, and wear layers that can be gradually removed as you warm up during the session.

You should also bring a water bottle with you to drink from during the session as needed.

If unsure of the suitability of an item, feel free to ask the Personal Trainer.

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