Seated Head Massage

What is a Seated Head Massage?

A Seated Head Massage is a massage of the head, face, neck, shoulders and upper back.  Unlike the other massages offered, this one is performed whilst you are seated and can be done with or without oils (depending on your preferences).  It can be relaxing or invigorating, so is just as good for waking you up during the day as it is for unwinding in the evening.

What should I expect from a Seated Head Massage?

A Seated Head Massage will usually last around 45 minutes and will be performed seated (on a specialised chair brought by the therapist).  The massage will begin with the neck, shoulders and back, before moving onto the face, and finishing with a scalp massage.

Word of warning: if you have longer hair, it will get messy.  If you would like your hair combing out afterwards please have your normal brush/comb available and the therapist will be happy to do this for you.

What should I wear for a Seated Head Massage?

If you do not wish for the therapist to use oils, you can wear a vest top or bra which allows access to the shoulders and upper back.  If you want the therapist to use oils, please be aware that they can stain, and you are advised to have your upper body undressed (a towel can be provided to wrap around you as necessary).

If you have longer hair (ie it covers your neck) you should wear it loose and have a hair band, clip or hair grip available which can be used to hold it out of the way as necessary.

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